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researching on very rare chinese micro-calligraphy carvings

Posted By: Heng Fatt, Deng
Posted Date: Oct 18, 2023 (08:47 AM)

G’day everyone.
I am new to this group & am sharing my rare art piece which I am doing research on. Over the last 16 years I have gathered data from many sources.
Would be grateful if there are any experts in this very rare area of Chinese art whom I can communicate with or anyone who can link me up with experts or collectors here so we can share research data.
Many thanks.

Kind regards
H.F. Deng FCPA

A very brief summary of my very rare art piece

A very rare and unique combination of two Chinese art forms in a one-piece classical ivory sculpture with microscopic Chinese calligraphy carvings. Within this beautiful sculpture itself is the mainstream Chinese calligraphy art in the very rare form of microscopic carvings. It is a very rare artifact of unique Chinese art craftsmanship with cultural and aesthetic significance. The artist Huang Lao-Fen (also known as Wong Lo-Feng) is a top micro-carving artist from the 1950s.
My art piece is inherited from my father in 2007 and it was created in 1931 by the artist as one of his earliest art pieces. This art piece from the artist’s private collection, is the last piece of the only five pairs of twin pieces created in his lifetime. Of the five pairs created, nine of the ten pieces are permanent displays in the National Museum of History (NMH) in Taiwan. The NMH was impressed that I have this tenth piece of the five pairs twin pieces in their collection and provided me with a photo of the museum’s twin piece to mine. The National Palace Museum (NPM) of Taiwan was also impressed to know of my art piece and so kind, provided me with the articles by the NPM about this artist’s works of art donated to the NMH. His works of art form the world’s largest collection of microscopic Chinese calligraphy carvings at the NMH.
My family has a special relationship with the artist through my grand uncle Deng You-Tong. My grand uncle discovered his talent, encouraged him to display his unique talents through his first exhibition of his unique art in 1932. In NST media news of 26th May 1980, my grand uncle was praised for his efforts by the artist.

Only these few royalties & leaders of nations have his works of art:
1) Queen Elizabeth II
2) King Bhumibol of Thailand
3) President Chiang Kai Shek of Taiwan
4) American President Nixon
5) Tunku Abdul Rahman (1st PM of Malaysia)
6) Malcom McDonald (British Governor-General to Malaya 1946-1948)

The Royal Collections Trust in the UK shared with me clear photos of the artist’s works of art in their collections whilst the Richard Nixon Foundation has advised me that Mr. Nixon’s art piece is kept in the Nixon family private collection.
I also researched old news archives from the 1950s until the death of the artist in 1993 and gathered many news articles written about the artist & his works of art, being the top Chinese micro-carving artist of that era regularly featured in news back then.

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