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iron red vase w/ Qianlong mark

Posted By: TRG
Posted Date: Sep 22, 2023 (07:49 AM)

Republic or later?

I purchased this piece from an estate with a good collection of late 19th c. Japanese kutani and a very impressive pair of imperial (M&P) Guangxu gilt vases that were lamped. No guarantee, but the estate appeared to have very high quality items in general.

Photos were taken in full/bright sunlight.

What is causing me to question the piece is A)the high quality of the iron red enamel, which is generally applied rather loosely, B) the deep foot with the under glaze blue seal mark, which is drawn with extra strokes in the 'zhi' character- which I always associated with genuine Qianlong pieces.

The bird and flower panels appear to be in the 'new fencai' (as described by

3rd photo collage (in the center) shows a close up of the enamel used for the rock....showing crazing and surface scratches that appear to be due to having some age.


Thank you.

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