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Re: Cloisonne elephant. Age? Real?

Posted By: Bill H
Posted Date: Aug 19, 2023 (09:56 AM)

Go to the FAQ page, located above to the top right side of the page and click on the appropriate tab for images. I've included my most frequently used instruction below:

"(b) alternatively you can upload and image directly to the forum. Click on "Image" > "Choose File": browse and find the image you want to upload with your message. note: we have set a maximum allowable byte size of an image to 100KB. Images should be saved as medium compressed JPEGs, or GIFs."

Actually, your pictures can be as dense as 500 KB these days but it would be better to process them for uploading at 499 of less.

I use Adobe Photoshop to process all of my photos initially at 360 dpi and 8.5 inches wide for high quality in my personal catalog or other files. Then for uploading in the forum, I reduce them to 180 dpi at 2.5-3 inches wide and reduce the quality level as required to get below 500 KP, usually down from 12 to 9 or 8, which is still fairly good quality. This will avoid the ballooning off-page that happens if you process them at 78 dpi, which is the usual camera setting.

The FAQ page has alternative uploading suggestions to offer if you wish to use them.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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