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Vintage Antique Colorful Chinese Porcelain Vase Floral Pattern Posies Greek Key Red Seal On Bottom

Posted By: David
Posted Date: Nov 17, 2021 (09:18 PM)

I did find a few vases online that where similar to the one that I’m posting pictures of now. A few of those vases where on some more expensive websites and appeared to have sold for around 500.00, Than it looks like there are modern reproduction of the same piece? The more expensive vases that appeared similar didn’t have photos of the bottom of the vase though.
I tried to find a similar back stamp for a very long time with no luck. I realized I didn’t put the measurements in for the last two posts I did. This vase is 10” tall.
I have been purchasing Chinese vases but I’m having a very hard time trying to identify them. I’m going to post some pictures of the 4 vases I have in individual posts. I would definitely appreciate any insight. If anyone can include some good books titles that would be helpful for a beginner trying to learn about Chinese porcelain that would be great as well. Or online learning resources.
Thank You!

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