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"Asian Antique Bowl"

Posted By: Michael White
Posted Date: Apr 21, 2021 (07:33 AM)

Bowl Identification:
I have a bowl labeled, “Asian Antique Unmarked Bowl.” Any information will be appreciated. Overall, the bowl is white, thickly glazed, when tilted to the light glaze “runs” can be seen inside the bowl as well as outside the bowl. There is a black image of what appears to be rocks, trees, and clouds, in some areas the black fades to a thinner grayish (maybe blueish) color. The image has five red “dots” and a brownish “building structure.” There are two black images, in the white background, they do not appear to be flying birds, but perhaps they are, or perhaps a marker’s mark. There is another image on the outside of the bowl, with perhaps a marker's mark (may be same mark as inside the bowl. The images appear to be hand painted. The image appears “impressionistic” rather than “realistic.”

Diameter approximately 8 1/16 inches (21cm); height about 3 ½ inches (8 ½ cm); the foot diameter is about 4 inches (10 cm). Bottom: the foot rim is glazed (including the part that touches the table/desk), the inner circle is glazed, but the area between the inner circle and the foot rim is not glazed. The unglazed area appears to be “high quality” white porcelain, no dirt or grit. Around the outside of the foot rim is a very thin double light blue line (or perhaps a single line with brush “waffle”). About ½ inch (about 1 ½ cm) from the thin inner double blue line is a single blue line, this line is much darker on one side of the bowl than the other, where it is almost invisible. Overall, the bowl is in very nice to perfect condition, no chips or cracks.
Michael White

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