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Re: Re: Translation on back of Buddha

Posted By: Buff Springer
Posted Date: Aug 30, 2020 (08:17 AM)

Wanting to share some more information.
12:00 -12:50大川原町【地蔵堂】
六地蔵石塔、天文12年(1543)付けの銘文ある。市内現存最も古い地蔵である。地元の信仰が強い。管理人が毎月1日・20日掃除、通夜祀るという。 地蔵堂内保存している渡来仏金銅菩薩立像(高さ13.5cm、幅最大5.7cm)と半伽楊柳観音(高さ18cm)を調査。
 夫妻普為四恩地道 →「地道」は「六道」か
半伽楊柳観音像の年代も古い。宋元時代の観音像を略写した観がある。(『平戸市史 民俗編』)

12:00 to 12:50] [Jizodo town Okawara
There inscription dated (1543) 12 years Rokujizo pagoda, astronomy. It is the oldest extant city Jizo. Local faith is strong. Sun, 20 janitor cleaning the first day of the month, that the worship wake. Kannon investigate Crepe half Gaya (18cm height) (13.5cm height, 5.7cm width maximum) and gilt bronze Bodhisattva Buddha statue is being saved in Jizodo introduction.
Inscription on the back of the bronze statue of Bodhisattva:
Three years ten days Kagehera New Year Song (425)
One gu Buddha statue structure Kei Cheung Law
Or "deities" "steady" → steady Zion for his wife 普
However strange beings rise results Hokai
There is, and there is doubt about the age, there is a possibility of additional time.
Old age of Kannon Crepe Gaya half. There is a view that I took almost a Kannon statue of Song Yuan Dynasty. ("Hen folk history Hirado")
* Times "steady" in the third line, I will be "steady" even if only a note. It may be errors in yours truly, Will you okay with "mama" if synonymous with "deities" or in Buddhist terminology. [Hitoshi Hiroshi]
* Looks of the "deities" or "steady" the inscription Jizodo Okawara Buddha statue, the "earth" at first glance, I actually thought was "six". Please check the attached photo files for your references. "Deities" and "Zion" has become a couplet.

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