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Re: What would you call this? A two-part gourd vase? (Guangxu mark)

Posted By: Bill H
Posted Date: Nov 17, 2019 (03:40 PM)

I've not encountered a two-part gourd vase before, but tend to believe yours serves the same purpose I assign to some "double cups" in my collection. The pair, shown below, are composed of a beaker-shaped upper cup and a lower bulb-shaped stand with open mouth, where the top rests. When the two parts are put together, there's a temptation to call them Leys jars or cuspidors, but I've always believed the upper beaker is for tea, and the lower section is for hot water to keep the tea warm (or for hot tea to warm and occasionally top off the upper cup).

Chinese like some wines served hot as well, so I'm impressed that your "vase" might be for keeping wine warm before it is poured into the small cups typically used for "Ganbei!" ("Down the Hatch!") toasts.

During the Qianlong reign (1736-95), the Imperial Kiln made a double-gourd vase with a neck that rotated around a central pouring spout. However, I can't see evidence of a damaged spout in your double-gourd.

There may be better ideas offered than mine, so let's see.

Best regards,

Bill H

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