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Calligraphy and seals interpretation.

Posted By: I.Nagy
Posted Date: Jun 01, 2019 (05:09 AM)


Transcription of the above Sino-Japanese text
is given in the attached sheet. It reads,

Kō wa hyakkō no hajime ni shite kokon ni tsuzu
Yae ni hana hiraite kaen sakan nari
Gi akiraka ni shite toku amaneki kakyō ni kagayaku
Kaun ryu-ryu hekiten wo kakeru

In my rough translation,

If filial piety goes to the beginning of hundred moral conducts
The glorious flower of the family will bloom multifold
By revealing the most precious things, the rightousness and virtue
The family fortune will soar into the blue sky

為高橋家 - To the Takahashi Family
呈前越風尾 素石 - Given as present in Zenetsu
Kazao by Soseki
(Zenetsu = Echizen prefecture, Kazao City)

Upper seal,
清水 - Shimizu
Lower seal,
素石 - Soseki

Heading of the attached sheet,
題 高橋家 清水索石策 ‐Title Takahashi Family
by Shimizu Soseki

In the literature I could not find known calligrapher with this name.

With regards,

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