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Re: Chinese blue and white vase with a copied Xuande mark?

Posted By: Bill H
Posted Date: Mar 18, 2019 (02:17 AM)

I checked the Mainland China-published "Compendium of Marks on Historical Chinese Porcelains" and found on the approximately 12 pages of Xuande base-markings illustrated only three arranged in two stacks of three characters, like the mark shown here, that were not within double circles. Two were from Jiajing-period reproductions, and the other a Yongzheng piece. All were noticeably different in the characteristics of the calligraphy compared to the mark on your yen yen vase.

The foregoing admittedly doesn't do much to resolve your query, but another point of concern I have is the crackle in the glaze on your vase. If it results from the piece being low-fired pottery and not high-fired porcelain, as often is the case with modern fakes, perhaps you should do a weight comparison with another vase of about the same dimensions that you're certain is porcelain. A pottery vase will weigh considerably more than the porcelain, which is stronger and less bulky.

FYI, what you describe as foxing may be plain old ordinary filth that has been applied purposely to the vase to simulate age. It and the glaze pop beneath the mark are kinds of simulations that can easily be created to fool the eyes. A question that arises is why doesn't the glaze pop apparently not have a buildup of the same dark stuff that's found elsewhere on the vase.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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