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Unknown Meiji Fan Print 5

Posted By: J. Boussinesq
Posted Date: Jan 20, 2019 (03:19 PM)

Hello All,

I recently obtained an album of almost 100 Japanese woodblock fan prints without a publishing date, but almost certainly late Meiji (my guess is 1895-1915). I (with help - thank you I. Nagy) have identified fans from some very well known (and not so well known) artists including:

Kamisaka Sekka
Suzuki Shonen
Okoku Konoshima
Tomioka Tessai
Imao Keinen
Yoshitsugu Haisan
Takeuchi Seiho
Kumagai Naohiko (maybe)
Kikuchi Keigetsu
Uemura Shoen
Kono Bairei
Ogata Gekko
Matsumura Keibun
Kawabata Gyokusho
Ogata Korin
Kano Tsunenobu
Konobu Hasegawa
Hamaya Hakuu
Tomioka Tessai
Fukuda Chojuko
Yamaguchi Sohei
Yamamoto Shunkyo
Baisen Hirai
Otake Chikuha

So, except for some famous historical painters, all late Meiji artists, almost all of which seem to have Kyoto connections. The difficulty is that there are still prints which have not yet been identified, and some of them have numerous examples in the fan book. I am posting two more examples that appear several times in the album, but that I have been unable to identify. Representatives from the two artists are posted here with enlarged signature blocks. Any identification by the Asian Art Forum community would be greatly appreciated.

J. Boussinesq

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