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Re: Re: Chinese Republic? Landscape Vase with Calligraphy.

Posted By: Bill H
Posted Date: Dec 31, 2018 (04:20 AM)

I did some looking around and found a candidate for the painter, Zhu Jinlin (祝金林). However, Zhu, who is male, was born in June 1953 in Jiangxi, so would have painted your jar in 2005, the next "Wood-Rooster" cycle after 1945.

He is a member of the Senior Arts and Crafts Division, Jiangxi Provincial Arts and Crafts Society, and a distinguished painter at the Jingdezhen Art porcelain factory. In 2005, his painting "Return of Springtime to the World" won the gold at the Putian, Fujian International Art Exposition. In 2010, another group of his ceramics with a "Springtime" theme won gold at the Shanghai World Expo Ceramic Art exhibition.

Online information about Zhu includes images of him engaged in painting another large jar, though I didn't find any other photos showing a complete view of its motif. However, one of his plaques (URL Below) does give a good enough view of one of his landscapes to strengthen the case for him being the painter of your jar as well. I don't see his name in the inscription but note that he also uses a four character red seal. The landscape also is attributed to him in the online caption beneath it.

Above URL undoubtedly is too long for the embedded link feature, so I'm putting it here for pasting in your browser window.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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