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Chinese or Mongolian Dragon Box

Posted By: Matthew Nickolas
Posted Date: Oct 03, 2018 (10:35 AM)

Looking for more information about what this box might be for, where more specifically it may have been made? Lined with silk brocade with five claw double dragon roundels. 18th or 19th century, Northern Chinese or Mongolian. Very, very finely made piece, with a level of detail approximating a piece of jewelry. I believe it's chased sheet copper, with very faint traces of silver gilt in areas. There may be mixed metals on the side mounts. Appears to be lapis, coral and turquoise gems, I have not had these tested but they appear natural. The wood is burled, as you can see. Lined on the inside and bottom with faded yellow brocade. The sliding lid is a clean and smooth fit. I feel it's quality piece. Each element is hand worked, not rolled out or cast from dies, but quality hand made work. It does have some flaws, chips, repairs and separating metal from the wood but the structure is solid without any major damage to the carcass. With gentle and minor restoration this would be a knockout object, but I have not polished or cleaned it to leave it's original state intact as found. Has a nice weight to it. It measures 10x5x1.5 in approx Minor repairs, some copper separating, some small scrollwork and stones missing. I can send more detailed images. Thanks.

Link :Dragon Box Images

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