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Bronze Buddha, Cuprite, Malachite, Azutite, HOW OLD?

Posted By: Bob
Posted Date: Oct 02, 2018 (08:08 PM)

Thank you Tim for sharing your store and offering great information... I agree totally. I will say, it sure looks like true conversion of bronze to Cuprite etc.. but I will never really know; spent $25 on it and never really thought it would have major value, even if a hundred years old or so..

I do find it fascinating how well it has been patina'd , if it has been. Who knows, they have been making bronze busts for hundreds of years in those regions, maybe they barried it for a couple of decades...

I have has much fun finding Asian art, without really focusing on value.. although I don't think I have ever spent more than a hundred dollars...

I have another set of seated Buddha bronzes that are dated 1898 (OLD dating style) some of which has been translated ( old Myanmar) that are far beyond the quality of this piece, so can agree with you on craftsmanship and the lack there of..

Ultimately, it is the shared knowledge and experiences of contributors on this site that just blows me away

Excellent and thank you..

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