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Re: Artist stamp

Posted By: rat
Posted Date: Jul 09, 2018 (01:18 PM)

I have the same reaction and don't know why it would be used here. The screen is recently made (within the last few decades).

People do not apply the seals of others to paintings; the artist may impress one or more, and later collectors sometimes add their own, but no one would stamp someone else's seal on a picture.

Since images of this and other seals can be found online though, it's not too hard to make a copy to print onto decorative screens like yours.

My guess is that someone thought that this screen would look better with an impressive seal impression, and decided on this one either because it looks prominent or because they took the time to look up artists who might have painted similar subject matter and settled on this one because Zhao is known for painting plants (narcissus and plum blossoms in particular) and thought that this might be well-suited to the subject matter here.

It's true that partridges were painted around his time and for a hundred years or so afterward, but he isn't associated with that subject.

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