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Re: Help To Identify Possible Tang / Changsha Piece

Posted By: George Ingraham
Posted Date: Jan 25, 2018 (08:19 AM)

Well, just in case someone stumbles onto a similar piece.. Finally figured this one out..

Thai Khmer 8 3/4" long wood ashed mottled dark brown/black glazed ceramic zoomorphic ewer or ritual/ceremonial water sprinkler in the shape of a sparrow. Angkor period, Middle 11th century.

What led me to purchase this is that I thought it was Chinese as my interest is in collecting Chinese black and brown glazed ceramics. As it turns out, Khmer ceramics were both Indian and Chinese influenced.. Most likely the Khmers learned the technique of glazing from the Chinese, whose influence in ceramic technology extended to almost every culture in Asia. The impact of China and its ceramic tradition was always present with attempts to copy Tand and Song wares. The shapes, techniques, and motifs were adapted to the tastes of the Khmers.

The ancient Khmers produced three main categories of ceramics: for architectural decoration (roof tiles, decorative finial motifs, and etc.); for religious ceremonies: vases and statues; and some vessels used in daily life: cauldrons, storage containers, vases, ewers, etc. Some ceramic objects had zoomorphic shapes such as fish, elephants, birds, rabbits, horses and frogs.

Symbolically birds are richly endowed. Hindu mythology elevated them to celestial beings because of their ability to fly and related them to Man because of their migratory souls.

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