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Old Calligrapy Scroll

Posted By: I.Nagy
Posted Date: Jan 03, 2018 (02:20 AM)

This is a contemporary calligraphed copy from the last part of Jakushitsu Genko`s Faith or Dying Instructions. Original kept in the Eigen Temple (Shiga Prefecture)
Inscriptions read,
屋後青山  There is a green hill behind my house
檻前流川 In front of my threshold flows a stream...
...... etc.
九月初一日  First Day of September (Lunar calendar)
亡僧元光   Late Priest Genko  (with stylized signature)
平口ロ年夏越日於風庵家 Hei口口 Year on a Day at the end of Summer at Fuan House
The 2nd and 3rd characters indicating the era and year are scratched out. The 1st character is 平 "Hei". With my handy-phone I could magnify enough to read the remaining contour lines of 2nd character 成 "Sei". So 平成 "Heisei" which is the name of current era, started in 1989. (By the way there is no other era name in Japanese history beginning with 平 "Hei". The 3rd character indicating the year is completely erasured - so it could be any number up to 10, covering the period between 1989 - 1999.
The last line reads,
平安中鴨川通 褙裏紙にて...  
In Heian (archaic name for Kyoto) Kamogawa Street,
Paper on back of mounting...

Reading of the back of mounting,
寂室元光遺偈  Jakushitsu Genko`s Faith
近江永源寺   (In) Ǒmi Eigen Temple
岡山(美作)生 Born in Okayama, Mimasaka
一二九〇 五月十五日生 On May 15,1290
貞治七年 (一三六七年) 1367
78才   Died at age of 78
入元 中峰明本師 Went to Yuan (China) to Zhongfeng
Mingben Master
(Zhongfeng Mingben 1263-1328 was a famous Chinese
Chan (Zen) priest of the time)
約翁徳儉   (with) Yakuo Tokuken

Later I will post the translation of piece of paper
- which is not very important.

With regards,

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