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Qing handscroll - Artist? Translation?

Posted By: TimG
Posted Date: Jan 01, 2018 (11:08 AM)

I posted my question earlier, but my paintings had not yet arrived. Now that they are in my possession, I hope someone will offer some help.

Still, the paintings are really long and behind glass, so it is quite tricky to get a clear shot until I decide to unframe them.

The painting I have posted here measures 6" x 86" (painted area - scroll is wider and longer). Depicts mountainous landscape surrounding by a raging storm over the surrounding ocean. Two seals with inscriptions.

I was told the writing does not include a signature, but I would be interested in knowing what is says...perhaps that will help me identify the artist.

Furthermore, the provenance seems very good....purchased in NY at a gallery in the late 1960's - early 1970's for $4,000....seems like a very substantial amount for that time. Not sure if that was for each or both paintings.

I'm only posting this photo of one of the paintings...both appear to be the same seal and the artistry and calligraphy are the same artist.

There are some minor losses along the corners and where the segments of paper are joined on the scroll, so I believe the painting was remounted to a newer scroll, perhaps during the 20th c.

I'm limited as to the number of photos I can post, but if there is some interest, I'd be happy to post a few more detailed photos of the painting.

It is quite lovely. Enjoy!

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