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Carved Bamboo Wine/Sake Ewer-Help with Reading, Origin, Age?

Posted By: Elke
Posted Date: Nov 19, 2017 (03:17 AM)

Hello dear experts of asian antiques,

I found this interesting and well carved bamboo container or flask/ewer. I already had it put for sale on ebay, but today stopped the auction in order to get more infos before selling - maybe I should better keep it?
I asked before about it in this board - but got no answer ca one year ago, maybe now somebody has a clue?

It has 18 cm heights, 9 cm wide. I reasearche the internet about antique or vintage bamboo items but did not find another item like this

Can anybody help my with its origin and possible age - is it old-antique or more likely a vintage (tourist) item?? could this be a wine container or sake flask?
What do the - very neatly and accuratly inserted- characters say - could anybody please translate? Is there a hint on the maker or date....

Hints and Ideas are apreciated.

Greetings from "Angela"-Germany,


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