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Re: Re: Age of Bowl

Posted By: JLim
Posted Date: Nov 12, 2017 (05:21 PM)


Dear Terry

If you are still interested, I have been reflecting further on your bowl. Anthony Allen states that Jiaqing marks were not used on porcelains after the reign of Jiaqing except rarely in the very late Qing dynasty/early Republic. They were again abandoned until quite recently (Detection of Fakes p78).

Although genuine Jiaqing marks were indeed painted in overglaze red enamel inside a turquoise ground, this would only have occurred on Imperial porcelains (Introduction To Later Chinese Porcelain, p106).

In your case, the clumsy appearance of the mark, including the badly miswritten "Qing", are remarkably similar to the Republic era mark pictured on Detection Of Fakes p84. Allen points out that the roughly drawn mark is typical of apocryphal marks of the Republic era.

The similarities are so great that I think it only confirms my view that your piece is early Republican in date. Perhaps others could share their views.

Kind regards

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