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1980's Chinese modernist oil on canvas painting - Artist?

Posted By: Tim
Posted Date: Sep 29, 2017 (10:00 PM)

Just bought this interesting oil painting. Signature is Chinese and dated 1980-10 (October).

I have no experience with Chinese modern art...I'm not sure even when that movement started.

However, something about this painting was very intriguing to me.

Interpreting the painting literally, the depiction of a group of ducklings seems to convey a modern day rebus in much the way Ming and Qing renderings conveyed hidden philosophical meanings.

From a modern/abstract interpretation, the painting seems to share a pop art style of Andy Warhol, or perhaps if you focus on the motion and mix of black, white, and some flashes of yellow, you might see the influence of Jackson Pollock in the organized madness of the lines and colors.

My gut tells me it is the work of an aspiring artist who perhaps never accomplished any level of fame, but I find the painting both playful and masterful.

Is the artist simply displaying a group of ducks, or is this a statement about the chaos of fitting into a rapidly expanding society?

Thoughts on the piece are welcome. Identification of the artist would be greatly appreciated.

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