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Tianbai, Xuanhe bowls. Please if anyone has any information.

Posted By: Xbet
Posted Date: Aug 24, 2017 (09:28 PM)


I have a pair of bowls, they are marked with Xuanhe date mark from the Huizong Emperor. But the interesting thing is they all have "Yu" instead of "Nian" so they read "da song xuan he yu zhi" i have found its not common for nian to be replaced with yu outside of an imperial kiln, i am also not thinking they would be mark and period, the porcelain and way it has been created (Tianbai) was started in the Ming period, the mark Xuanhe (Huizong) was before the common practice of marking ceramics, so from what i have seen/read i would probably put them as Ming from Jingdezhen, as a tribute to the "Ding" ware from the Xuanhe times. I have found several examples of Qing Dynasty with just Xuanhe written (2 character marks) the quality and accuracy of these marks and porcelain are normally very poor.

Anyway, i am mainly curious how the Tianbai ware was originally produced i cant find any information into how the translucent dragons carved into each side only work on the side viewing, when the dragons are carved differently inside and outside of the bowl.

I have taken a photo from the bottom of the bowl, on the inside and the outside (inside is decorated with a dragon and the outside has the aforementioned xuanhe mark). I have had to downsize the image from a few meg so the quality is not the best i do apologize, i picked the base for demonstration of how the incised decoration is different(the base is about 1 inch diameter for quality/size scale). For the 3rd photo i tried to show the base rim and shape of the bowls.

I have been fascinated by these bowls for a long time. I would be happy and great full for any information, i am always open to constructive criticism of my assessment, my main aim is to learn. If more photos are needed please ask, I can email them, Dropbox or how ever is convenient.

Thank you for reading/viewing.

Kind regards,


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