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Bronze Buddha Head Country Identification

Posted By: Bob
Posted Date: Aug 19, 2017 (10:50 AM)


I thought it would be interesting to get opinions on an old bronze Buddha head I have acquired. This measures aprox 6" tall overall.

Here are some noted points:

The patina is clearly old, no fake chemical application, as those who know bronze will notice. That said, I have imaged the Cuprite crystals with the sulfates and carbonates growing over it.

How soon can this start? I find on several Bronze sculpture and metallurgy sites-- 200-500 years typically?

Stylistically, what country? I think Laos

What purpose? The image of the ware pattern on the back of the head showing clear surface changes in the center of back of head. This tapering off towards the ears, where of course, it would not see as much ware due to the protection of the ear.

Was this laying down in say a burial?

Finally, and not imaged here, the ears. The ears look like they may have had something through the holes. The patina (Green blue)is only seen along the top perimeter of the opening. It appears that the lower half of the opening was likely protected by something.

Were there earnings here?

Thank you in advance for any opinions...

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