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Re: Sake Bottle Identification Mark

Posted By: Bill H
Posted Date: Mar 31, 2017 (03:26 PM)

The mark is in fact Chinese, reading down and across from the top right as "Hongxian yu Zhi" (Made by Imperial Order, Hongxian Reign).

You'll note that the figure at right in a blue robe has a "brocade" roundel that extends unnaturally from the garment over his left shoulder and onto his chin and neck, with the previously painted sleeve and chin visible underneath. This seems to indicate the use of transfer decoration, which along with the perfect glaze, suggests the vase is a contemporary (late 20th to 21st century) piece, decorated at one of China's porcelain ornamentation factories. Despite the imperial mark, the painting falls short of the delicate quality of painting and pigments used during the short 1915-16 Hongxian reign and years immediately following. below is a photo link showing non-imperial Hongxian-mark porcelain vases dating to the Republic Period, probably no later than the 1920's. I believe you can appreciate the differences in artistic quality.

The best known of the porcelain ornamentation shops used to be in Hong Kong and Macao, but now they look to be spreading towards ubiquity in and around the Chinese Mainland, including the Shenzhen economic zone.

Best regards,

Bill H

Sometimes the image URL doesn't work for me, so here's the link to paste into your browser if needed.!ApQyvqC1qsbxj0rXfTRoxsFZUrx-

Link :Hongxian Mark Vases

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