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Subject:Huangdi Defeated Chiyou, Carved on Liangzhu Cong??
Posted By: Jac Tue, Oct 29, 2013 IP:

The Battle of Zhuolu (Traditional Chinese: 涿鹿之戰 or Simplified Chinese: 涿鹿之战) was the second battle in Chinese history as recorded in the Records of the Grand Historian, fought between the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) and Chi You. The battle was fought in Zhuolu, near the present-day border of Hebei and Liaoning. The victory for the Yellow Emperor here is often credited as the establishment of the Han Chinese civilization, although almost everything from that time period is considered legendary. Traditional Chinese historiography places the battle in the 26th century BC, although a recent study has suggested the traditional dates to be at least some two centuries too early for the remotest recorded periods. - Wikipedia.

According to notes by the Qing Dynasty painter Luo Ping: "Yellow Emperor ordered his men to have Chi You beheaded... seeing that Chi You's head was separated from his body, later sages had his image engraved on sacrificial vessels as a warning to those that would covet power and wealth." - Wikipedia.

The first image below shows the details of the image of a man riding a beast carved on a Liangzhu cong. Perhaps this image shows the victory of the Yellow Emperor over Chiyou. Just a conjecture. I apologize to anyone who may be offended by this suggestion, which have no proof other than my own imagination.

The second and third images below are that of a 22cm by 24cm double sided faceplate which has a face that looked almost identical in design to the face of the beast like creature carved on the Liangzhu cong.

Subject:Re: Huangdi Defeated Chiyou, Carved on Liangzhu Cong??
Posted By: John Tue, Aug 05, 2014

Check this out. Any information you can give me would be would be appreciated. Thanks, John | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |