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Parcours des Mondes is the most important show of tribal art by quality and diversity of its participants. Over the past three years, Asian art specialists have again been included in the fair.

Since 2002, Parcours gathers each year in Paris seventy galleries specializing in the arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. During the second week of September, German, American, British, Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Swiss galleries join their colleagues in Paris permanently settled in the Fine Arts neighborhood in St. Germain-des-Prés.

This exceptional concentration of works and experts is an open-doors fair where visitors can mingle and wander through the streets of this historic district. Each gallery offers an intimate and personalized presentation of great masterpieces from Africa or Oceania, and now from Asia, ethnographic works of more affordable price and other pieces sought after by collectors.

Asian Art Exhibitors

Galerie Alain Bovis

Martin Doustar

Christophe Hioco

Dalton • Somaré

Jonathan Hope

Indian Heritage

Kapil Jariwala

Mingei Japanese Arts

Renaud Montméat

Pascassio Manfredi

Alexis Renard

Runjeet Singh Limited

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