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In the decades following the invention of photography in 1839, European photographers traveled to Asia, documenting cultures and landscapes with a realism previously unknown. Employing cumbersome large format cameras and delicate paper or glass plate negatives, these intrepid photographers captured the first images of Japan after it had been closed to the West for over 200 years; the first images of the forbidding Himalayan Mountain passes; the first images of bound-footed women and of grand golden temples.
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Buddhist Monk
and Apprentice


Dyak Girl of Rank

Annamite Girl

Maha Lawka Maya Zain Pagoda,


Group of Samurai

Andaman Islanders Fishing

Entrance to the Temple of
Minakshi in the Great Pagoda

Les Chinoises

The Gate of the Hooseinabad
Bazaar, 1148

Boy with Buddha


Jetawanarama Dagoba

Wet Weather

Flower Seller

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