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Berwald Oriental Art
Exhibition from December 8th through December 22nd, 2006


Julie Rauer’s approach to painting is an intriguing synthesis of disparate influences; an amalgam of a lifetime’s pursuit. Early training in Chinese calligraphy and brush painting sparked her lifelong passion for Asian art with its essential, reductive qualities. In tandem with her interest in the Asian aesthetic, particularly Chinese hanging scrolls and Japanese Edo period woodblock prints, she developed a fascination for natural objects and organic structures. Her ability for acute observation in nature coalesced into the unique hybrid substance of her work. The use of watercolor is unexpected given the amorphous quality of the medium; she utilizes its transitory nature to convey the translucency, transparency and opacity of the natural world. Precise control of water and pigment allow her to sculpt with paint and achieve a level of tangibility not normally associated with watercolor. This evocative culmination of disciplines provides a startling platform for the depiction of fantastic realms.


Ms. Rauer’s distinctive work has been presented at the National Gallery of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Public Library as well as published in several fine arts periodicals. In addition, she is the East Coast Correspondent for For further information please contact the gallery at 212-319-1519 or by email at

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all text and images Berwald Oriental Art and Julie Rauer
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Edo Skin
Tending the
Hermit's Garden
Feast of Fools
Empress Tree
Winter Worm,
Summer Grass
Cocos Nucifera
Coleoptera Polis
Return of the

all text and images Berwald Oriental Art and Julie Rauer | exhibitions