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THF has concentrated on its core activity area, the Barkor, while also continuing to work in other parts of the old city, such as the Ganden Khangsar, Palling and Tengyeling areas. A number of historic structures in Lhasa were plagued by collapse or had to be preemptively evacuated. This was either due to wet rot in wooden structures caused by leaking roofs, or due to infestation by wood-eating beetles who turn wooden beam and pillars into dust. So an increasing number of emergency repairs had to be undertaken.

Resulting from cooperation between THF and Lhasa Cultural Relics Office, new conservation guidelines for the old city were drafted and made public. These include stronger obligations for residents of historic buildings. Further guidelines are being worked on, and in some cases THF and residents have made their own agreements after completed rehabilitation of a site.

Surkhang department store, with the top floor being demolished to comply with height restrictions in the old city.

2.1 Joint Projects with Cultural Relics Office 
2.2 Rongda House 
2.3 GTZ Eigenmassnahme 
2.4 Merunyingba Monastery 
2.5 Other Projects 

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