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BOUNDLESS: Contemporary Tibetan Artists at Home & Abroad

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Fig. 13:
Mineral pigment on handmade paper
19 1/2 x 78 inches

On loan from the Lois and Ian Alsop private collection

In her image of the Lhasa-Qinghai train, Dedron depicts a Euro-American tourist smoking in the face of an older Tibetan woman pilgrim holding up her prayer wheel. Tibetan goods, such as carpets, Buddhist figurines, and Tibetan mastiff dogs crowd another car as the train travels back and forth between central Tibet and the cities of inland China. On one end of the canvas, a serene Tibetan plateau is surrounded by wispy mists, while on the other, a Chinese city is encased by gray smog. A self-taught artist, Dedron taught visual arts at a local school for blind children. Her use of pigments and choice of imagery reflect the way she has connected colors with nonvisual senses such as touch and smell.