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  • Vases This post has image ( China & Japan ) - Courtney Wheeler - Jun 05, 2012 (02:23 PM)
    • Re: Vases - Cal - Jun 05, 2012 (11:58 PM)
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          • Re: Vases - Courtney - Jun 07, 2012 (09:57 PM)
            • Re: Vases - Annie Wu - Jul 03, 2020 (05:24 PM)
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Posted By: Courtney Wheeler Tue, Jun 05, 2012 IP:

I am wondering if the marks on the bottom are chinese or japanese and any information i can get about these vases. They have been in my family for many many years. The vases are 6.5 inches tall.

Subject:Re: Vases
Posted By: Cal Tue, Jun 05, 2012

Japanese. If you turn left-side picture about 160 degree counter-clock, will be right side up. Then right row of characters read from top Dai Nihon, 'Great Japan'. Mark used extensively 1868-1912 (Meiji) period, but also found up through end of World War II.

Is very civilized when make query about object to show whole object with in-focus photos taken in natural light. Often marks are retrospective or fakes or difficult to interpret without whole picture of item.

Good luck,

Subject:Re: Vases
Posted By: courtney Wed, Jun 06, 2012

sorry the pictures were taken by a professional photographer and he put them on a disk for me. I have matching candlesticks to the vases that I took myself i will post those. I believe the marks are the exact same as the ones on the vases.

Subject:Re: Vases
Posted By: Emiko Fri, Jun 08, 2012

Hi to all,
The writing on the bottom of the vase / candle stick,reads, Dai Nippon (Nihon) Hohzan (Hozan)-sei. Possibly, Kobe-export ware during the Meiji period. Best Regards, Emiko

Subject:Re: Vases
Posted By: Courtney Sat, Jun 09, 2012

Thank you Emiko. Are the vases worth anything?

Subject:Re: Vases
Posted By: courtney wheeler Wed, Jun 06, 2012

here is a better pic of the bottom part of the vases.. If anyone can tell me what all the markings mean it would be greatly appreciated.

Subject:Re: Vases
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jun 07, 2012

Apart from a soft focus in most images, the cobalt seems to have a 'flow blue' character in the markings, which obscures stroke patterns in critical part of the artist or studio name. Accordingly, the following involves guesswork at what it might be.

Without doubt, the first three characters of the mark read 'Dai Nippon' (大日本 - Imperial Japan), while the last two are '? yama Sei' (? 山製 - Made by ? yama).

The remaining fourth character appears to me to team up with 'yama' as the surname Kuniyama (邦山), though nothing apparently relevant to ceramics results from efforts to search the name on Google. The same two characters also form the given name Hozan, and while there was a Meiji-era Hozan who painted Satsuma wares, the 'ho' character used was different.

If sharply focued close-up images can be made of this mark to permit a better view of the problematic fourth character (read 'Kuni' as is), perhaps a different reading will surface.

Good Luck,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Vases
Posted By: Courtney Thu, Jun 07, 2012

thank you Bill. I will go get better pictures of them either tommorrow or this weekend. I will post them as soon as I do. I would really appreciate you looking at it again when I post the new ones.

Subject:Re: Vases
Posted By: Annie Wu Fri, Jul 03, 2020

I believe these are made by Satsuma ware

I have a tea set with very similar designs and also markings from this maker and region.

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