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Subject:Knews anyone somehting about this vase ?
Posted By: M.K. Sat, Feb 20, 2021 IP: 2a02:8109:8c80:d4:f5


can anyone say something about this vase?

She´s 45cm high and 23cm tall.


Subject:Re: Knews anyone somehting about this vase ?
Posted By: Suzume Sun, Feb 21, 2021


To me that's a piece of Japanese moriage ware. Most likely 20th century (probably 1st half).

The décor on this one is a bit more unusual but these pieces were made in large numbers around Arita and Satsuma. On balance I'm leaning towards this being a satsuma piece.

The inscription underneath is a bit odd. I can't say about one of the kanji but you have there the katakana "ヤ" literally the sound "ya". I can't really say why that would be there. Maybe an identifying mark for the potter?

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