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Subject:Kangxi Ginger Jar - or perhaps not ????
Posted By: Peter Fri, Feb 05, 2021 IP:

Now here's a funny thing.

Today,for the second time, I came across a small ad for a blue & white ginger jar, supposedly previously auctioned by Christies (NYC) in 1980.

As a very recent starter in the field of Chinese porcelain, my experience and knowledge is very limited. However - to my untrained eye, at least - the jar strikes me as likely being a late C20th transfer printed copy.
The double rings and firing flaws on the base may give some credibility, but I for one am not convinced.

At risk of making a fool of myself, I would welcome the opinion and guidance of any experts (or even non-experts) to give their own view on the piece !

Many thanks.

Subject:Re: Kangxi Ginger Jar - or perhaps not ????
Posted By: Steve Gridley Sat, Feb 06, 2021

You know the saying: The only dumb question is the one not asked. I have limited experience but I'll give it a go in my humble opinion. You would need to visit an expert for a definitive answer.

First, I have never personally seen a foot rim like your jar in an old piece of Chinese porcelain. I have seen it in heavier potted 20th Century pieces at the thrift store. The decoration looks to be applied rather than painted. I would also question the Christie's sticker – anyone can apply a sticker or have them printed at home and dating it far enough back they think it cannot be verified. This is easily verified by contacting Christie's since you have a reference point.

Being new, I would begin by purchasing Tony Allen's Antique Chinese Porcelain: The Detection of Fakes; Tommy Eklof's Dating Chinese Porcelain; Gerald Davison's Marks on Chinese Ceramics and visit websites such as Watersilkdragon, etc. to become familiar with the porcelain.

Most important, there is no substitute for handling the real thing. Visit high end auction houses where you can handle lots for auction. Although fakes can be found there as well, most serious collectors will know and the bidding will reflect it. Take photos (if permitted) and make notes in your catalog.

Hope this helps some. Best of luck to you.

Subject:Re: Kangxi Ginger Jar - or perhaps not ????
Posted By: Peter Sat, Feb 06, 2021

Thanks for your prompt response, Steve. I'll try and get a copy of Tony Allen's book 'The Detection of Fakes' - which I have often seen quoted from.
Sooner or later, there may be some punter or other, impressed by the auction label, willing to buy this jar - but it won't be me ! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |