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Subject:Need help to identify Netsuke
Posted By: antoineonl Sun, Jan 10, 2021 IP: 2a02:908:383:f060:a5

Hi everyone,

I thank you to take time to read my message. I am trying to identify the Netsuke which is on the pictures attached.

I would be grateful to receive any kind of information about it.

Thanks again for the help,


Subject:Re: Need help to identify Netsuke
Posted By: John T. Mon, Jan 11, 2021


What you have there is a tourist netsuke. From the mid-20th century. These are typically referred to as "Netsuke like Objects" or NLOs. They're purely decorative and never actually saw any use, being made for tourists, quite often in China rather than Japan.

Still a nice like piece.

Just a slight warning, it's very possible this sculpture was made after 1947 and it does look like ivory. As such, I really wouldn't try to sell it as the laws are very strict and according to CITES you can't sell any ivory that's post 1947.

Hope this helps,

Subject:Re: Need help to identify Netsuke
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Jan 11, 2021

Pic. 1,
寿 - Longevity
江戸 - Edo

Needless to say, it s modern, made in China.

With regards,
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