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Subject:sunday challenge
Posted By: peter Sun, Jan 10, 2021 IP:

Usually the question of authentication is focused on one piece. But occasionally you get even a second option. Here is an example. Two different dealers offered the same painting. Is there an original and which is it? and why?
I will post details for the signature later....


Subject:Re: sunday challenge
Posted By: peter Mon, Jan 11, 2021

the signatures:

Subject:Re: sunday challenge
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Jan 12, 2021

It is like "Spot the differences; Kids" puzzle or the modern Chinese computer aided forgery.
Upper picture,
吴春冩 - Painted by Wu Chun
(The characters are written in their cursive forms)
呉春  - Wu Chun
(The characters 吴 and 呉 are compatible)

Lower picture,
吴春 - Wu Chun
(The character 吴 is written in its cursive style, while the character 春i n its regular style)
呉春之印 - Seal of Wu Chun
(The character 春 in seal script has many different forms)

Wu Chun 吴春 (Year of birth and death unknown)
Was a famous painter during the Qing Dynasty. Was active in the 1850-70s. Specialized in landscapes and flowers. Was the great-grandfather of the famous writer Wu Yunxin 吴雲心 (1906-1989).

With regards,
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