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Subject:Japanese Scroll Translation help needed
Posted By: Jonathan Wotka Sat, Dec 26, 2020 IP:

I bought this lovely painting in Japan in 2007, somewhere around Kamakura, and I've never had it or the seals translated. Would appreciate any help.

Three pics included:
1st is whole scroll,
2nd is writing on top of scroll on the reverse side,
3rd is a combination: text from box, single seal from bottom right front, and line of text and seals from top left front.

Many thanks in advance.Looking to get it remounted and trying to justify potential price.

Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Translation help needed
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Dec 27, 2020

Inscription on mounting,
梅花閑居 柳江筆 
Plum flowers, idle life - Painted by Ryukō (or Yanae) - Art-name

Inscription on box,
梅花閑居之圖 - Picture of plum flowers, idle life

Inscription on picture,
梅花閑居之圖  - Picture of plum flowers, idlle life
Painted in the Beginning of Spring in the 5th - Fire-Dragon - Year of Taishō Era (1916)
於伴立梅  - With other plum pictures by
柳江    - Ryukō (or Yanae) - Signature

Upper seal,
野花疎景  - Wild flowers in distance
Lower seal,
竹囗    - Take 囗 (余 ? 宗 ?)
(I can't decipher the 2nd character) - Probably surname

Leisure seal (Right lower corner)
平生一片心 - My friendship is with you in this life

The surname can probably begin with Take.., but it cannot be ruled out that it is just the first character of his orignial given name.
I'm waiting for the opinion of seal-script experts on the second character respectively.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Translation help needed
Posted By: J. Wotka Mon, Dec 28, 2020

Awesome! Many thanks. A very concise explanation of everything. It really helped expand my interest in the piece.
Curious as to what is a leisure stamp purpose is, exactly? Are they commonplace?
Thanks again for the assistance.

Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Translation help needed
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Dec 29, 2020

Dear Jonathan,
Leisure seal, also called lyric seal, is a seal with an idiomatic expression or a line from a poem which is particularly dear to the artist. Quite many artists use leisure seals.

With regards,
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