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Subject:Famille Rose Miniature Vases
Posted By: GerryG Fri, Oct 30, 2020 IP: 2001:bb6:3710:9858:c

Here are a near pair of miniature famille rose floral vases measuring just over 3 and a quarter inches high. I'm assuming they are quite modern though there are some signs they could be older than I believe. For instance tne burnt orange foot rim showing evidence of iron oxide in the clay. this is also showing on the interior of both vases so hasn't been applied. There is also slight evidence of an orange peel effect on one of the bases. I am perplexed with the liberal if not sloppy application of the overglaze white both to the dark green on the shoulder of each vase as well as an outline to some of the flowers. TBH I have never come across this before. it is almost like someone applied this later (like a kid icing their first cup cake) and re-fired the vases. Any comments welcome as usual.

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