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Subject:Chinese silk painting table screen - help needed
Posted By: Glen Hosking Thu, Oct 15, 2020 IP:

I have a Chinese silk painting table screen which I believe dates from mid to late 20th Century.
I would like to understand the inscription / signature and if this is a known artist.

The subject matter in my mind is quarrelling birds, and another similar work by the same artist can be found here ( ).
Thankyou and much appreciated for any shared knowledge.

Link :

Subject:Re: Chinese silk painting table screen - help needed
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Oct 22, 2020

Signature and seal read,
徳邁 - Demai
The name is not a Chinese name. It is the transcription of "deemeersch" preceded by Wang 汪 for Van.
Wang Demai 汪徳邁 Leon Vandermeersch, 1928 -born French sinologist, calligrapher and painter.I have read somewhere that he used to learn Chinese painting, too. There is a possibilty that the screen painting is from him - or from an impostor.

With regards,
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