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Subject:Handmade solid gold belt buckle with hallmarks
Posted By: Chris S. Thu, Aug 20, 2020 IP:

Hello all -

I inherited this belt buckle from some things my uncle had - it's probably been in a sock drawer for 50 years at least. It appears to be old, and obviously handmade. There are two imprinted hallmarks on the back of the buckle. It is unclear if it is Chinese or Japanese - one of the marks does appear to be for "gold" but any other information that someone may have about age or origin would be appreciated. The buckle weighs exactly 20.0g.

While it is obviously simple, the attachment method for the center pin is interesting, as it sort of loops over and almost has "wings" on that loop.

Google doesn't find much I'm afraid, so I definitely appreciate anything anyone can tell me. I did try to look for Chinese and Japanese hallmarks, but didn't find a ton of information.

Thank you all very much!

Subject:Re: Handmade solid gold belt buckle with hallmarks
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Aug 21, 2020

原金 - Yuanjin - Primary gold
Could be interpreted ① "All gold, not other ingredients"  ② or simply a name of a gold shop
福生 - Fusheng - Blessed life
A Taoist word.

With regards,
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