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Subject:Qi Baishi Folio
Posted By: Shea Fri, Jul 31, 2020 IP:

Hello forum members,
I am hoping that someone can help me with this. I won a Qi Baishi folio of prints earlier this week. Luckily the auction house is within driving distance so no shipping fees (yay me!). As I was looking through the folio earlier, the letter shown in the pictures fell out. It identifies the folio as a book of water paintings. As I continued to look through the folio, it did appear that the book contained paintings, not prints. I tried to capture one where the layering of the paint is evident, or appears evident to me at least. Can anyone help me determine if the folio is prints or actual water colors as noted in the letter to Mr. Hall

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Folio
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Aug 01, 2020

Your folio contains woodblock watercolor prints.
The folio with Qi Baishi's album (1952) originally included 10 figural woodblock prints; a folio of 9 still lifes pub lished in 1958; folio of 5 prints published in 1958; folio of 12 smaller sized prints were published in 1959.
Name of publisher; Ronbaozhai (Beijing)

With regards,

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Folio
Posted By: Shea Sat, Aug 01, 2020

Thanks I.Nagy! I should have posted this earlier. I tried Google Translate but it didn't detect all the characters.

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Folio
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Aug 02, 2020

齊白石畫集 - Collected Paintings of Qi Baishi
作者: 齊白石 - Author: Qi Baishi
出版社:      - Publisher、Printer:、
印刷者:榮寶斎新記 - Ronbaozhai Xinji
經售者:國際書店 - Seller: International Bookshop
1952 May Peking

With regards,

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Folio
Posted By: Shea Sun, Aug 02, 2020

Thanks again, I.Nagy! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |