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Subject:Porcelain boar sow, could this be chinese export porcelain?
Posted By: Stefanie Riedel Sat, Feb 01, 2020 IP: 2003:cf:ff0a:9600:19

I have bought this item from an antique dealer, it was not described as an asian art object.
But the colours and manufacturing looks very chinese to me, and not really european.

Now I would be glad to hear some other opinions.
I have found one object that shall be built as reproduction from an original one, it looks close but the details on it are not that good, there are a few differences, exceptionally the legs with the hooves (forming) and the colouring of the fell.
In the case of this reproduction, the reproduction comes from China.

Could this may be the original version of this porcelain boar sow, from China maybe?

Just wanted to hear some other opinions.
Thank you very much!
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