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Subject:Chinese porcelain plate
Posted By: Natalie Sun, Jan 05, 2020 IP:

Hello all,
Could anyone please help identify the period and place of origin of this item?
Thank you!

Subject:Re: Chinese porcelain plate
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Jan 06, 2020

Ditto the preceding response, plus the mark belongs to a kiln called 'Yamatoku" (Mountain Virtue).

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Chinese porcelain plate
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, Jan 06, 2020

This is a Japanese Imari Arita plate, marked: Yamatoku 山徳, see my 1st picture.
According to a Japanese book about Hizen / Arita marks this impressed Yamatoku mark dates from the 1920's - 1930's. Yamatoku is a kiln in the Saga Prefecture and was named after Yamaguchi Tokuichi (i.e.: Yama & Toku).
This mark is not as often seen as the Yamatoku mark in Katakana writing, see my 2nd picture.

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