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Subject:jade cicada hongshan repro?
Posted By: joshua zeigler Mon, Dec 23, 2019 IP:

I have recently become interested in collecting Chinese jades. I like many before made many purchasing mistakes over time, buying non jade items, and fakes. I am learning however, and I have gotten a much better grasp on what is and what is not jade (nephrite/jadeite). I do like ancient artifacts and I did buy many hongshan fakes. Now, I believe 60-70 percent of those fakes did have a good 2.95 density/SG, so in a way I found something to be happy about them for.... Anyways, there was one green nephrite cicada that is different than all the other fakes... it is different enough that maybe, just maybe it is old...? It may not be either, but maybe it is a copy made from earlier dynasties and before the hongshan forgery craze? It does have some cleavage type planes with intrusive minerals in the cracks, it does have some silvery-gold sparkling flecks in some spots, a slight waxy lustre (may have been waxed before), and doesn't appear to be made with high speed power tools. Id appreciate anything anyone can say about it. I am just learning and I don't expect anything from this, I just wanted it to be nephrite which I believe it is, so I am content already, just have questions. Thanks, Josh

Subject:Re: jade cicada hongshan repro?
Posted By: Pipane Tue, Feb 04, 2020

Bad repro: patina is not right, shape is phoney, shows sign of artificial ageing : strange cluster, red colour in the veins and hedges and white deposit in the drilled hole..

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