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Subject:Help with porcelain mark - wucai vase
Posted By: TimG Sat, Dec 14, 2019 IP: 2603:3010:14b8:0:691

I just bought this beautiful wucai vase from the estate of a family who's relatives lived in Japan at the end of the Meiji era.
Everything about the vase is Chinese in style, except the mark is a 3 character underglaze blue mark with a copper red glaze on the entire foot.
I was thinking it might be a Japanese copy by Makuza Kozan, but I can't find a matching seal.
Can someone offer a translation of the mark?
Thank you.

Subject:Re: Help with porcelain mark - wucai vase
Posted By: mikeoz Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Your mark is upside down. It reads 江山.

No-one can tell you if this is Chinese or Japanese without a picture of the vase.

But at a rough guess, if that is the mark, the vase is probably a lot newer than you think

Subject:Re: Help with porcelain mark - wucai vase
Posted By: TimG Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Thanks MikeOz!
Attached are a few pics. Could you tell me more about the meaning and significance of the mark?
Google says the mark means 'country'.
I'm confident in the provenance and the seller provided me with both photographic and historical background on their families dealings in Japan during the first quarter of the 20th c.
But, experience has taught me, people's recollections are often are flawed, which is why I'm posting.
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