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Subject:"Flower ball" vase with apocryphal Tongzhi mark
Posted By: socalondon Sat, Dec 14, 2019 IP: 2605:e000:b40b:e400:

This is a hu-shaped flower ball vase from Macau with an apocryphal Tongzhi mark on the base. Apparently it's part of a set. Wondering if anyone has seen one like this and where?

Subject:Re: "Flower ball" vase with apocryphal Tongzhi mark
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Dec 15, 2019

The mark of the Tongzhi reign, shown tilting upside down, was stamped onto Macao transfer-decorated vases that were made circa the third quarter and later during the late 20th century. The website has several examples of vases with various Tongzhi marks in its Macao/Macau archive but I didn't spot any shaped exactly like yours.

Best regards,

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