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Subject:Vase ID assistance
Posted By: Casey Sat, Nov 30, 2019 IP: 2600:1702:1440:7c30:

Looking for really any info. Thank you, casey

Subject:Re: Vase ID assistance
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Dec 01, 2019

This appears from the somewhat fuzzy photos to be a Chinese ultrathin eggshell or "paper-shell" porcelain vase with a mark of Made at Jingdezhen in China (Zhongguo Jingdezhen Zhi), which piece is no older than the late 20th century. Such items have been made in recent times for the curiosity market and often have been sold at China-product outlets in Asian tourist destinations for a few tens of dollars, compared to hundreds or thousands of dollars for older, larger and usually better painted examples. Below are some links to live auction results for latter such pieces dating to the third quarter of the 20th century and earlier. Also following from my files is an image of a pair of vases that sold about a dozen years ago for several hundred dollars. I can't find the precise data at the moment but they were shipped to the USA in the 1950s by someone working in Asia there with the US military. I purchased them in their original packing at an estate sale for the owner in the 1990s. The motif is from the legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl, about a mortal's romance with a Chinese goddess.

Best regards,

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