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Subject:Painted scroll artist help
Posted By: helmut jungert Wed, Nov 06, 2019 IP:

Like to find out who the artist is.

Subject:Re: Painted scroll artist help
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Nov 07, 2019

At sea (Bo) Ya treats Zhong (Zi) Qi with his excellent qin (zither) performance, sharing this joy on a boat
While the reflection of the latern seems to to fade out
巳亥嘉平  - Year of Earth-Boar (1659 or 1719) December
仿元人大意 - Imitating the examples of Yuan painters
尚吉禹之鼎 - Shang Ji Yu Zhiding
尚吉 - Shang Ji

(Boya was a great qin (zither) player of the Chu state period - 8th C. BC. and Zhong Ziqi was a good listener of his performances)

Yu Zhiding 禹之鼎 1644?―1719?
Courtesy name was Shang Ji
Painter from Jiangdu, Jiangsu was good with landscape, figures, flowers and birds. His works can be found in the Palace Museum collection in Beijing.

With regards,
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