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Subject:Large Meiji bronze by Mori Hōsei
Posted By: Mike Sat, Nov 02, 2019 IP:

Hi. In an auctioneer's catalogue from 2015, I saw this lot.

I am interested in the last line of the description about another bronze - a 'lady with a lantern' exhibited at the 1907 Tokyo Industrial Exhibition...

I have tried everything I can in the English language on the Internet, but I cannot find anything else at all about, or mentioning, this lady with a lantern...

Please could anyone help? Mori Hōsei in Japanese is 森鳳聲.

The text says - "LARGE JAPANESE BRONZE FIGURE OF A TRAVELLING MUSICIANSIGNED DAI-NIHON TOKYO MORI HOSEI SAKU, LATE MEIJI PERIODwearing a sedge hat and geta (wooden clogs) carrying a shamisen (string instrument)94cm highNote:Mori Hosei was one of the foremost sculptors of the Tokyo School, exhibiting at many national and international exhibitions including Paris 1900 where he exhibited a bronze farmer and the Tokyo Industrial Exhibition in 1907 exhibiting a lady with a lantern."

Many thanks :) | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |