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Subject:Chinese Jade Censor w/dragon
Posted By: William Sun, Sep 15, 2019 IP: 2601:1c0:6500:46f0:a

This group was most helpful identifying my fake jade and authentic Republican Plaque a few months ago, and I find myself in need of some assistance once again. I am studying, but still struggling with terminology, age ect... My father collected these things and although he is still with us, he has no recollection of where, when or what he paid. This appears to be a Jade censor with some age, but I am finding daily how little I understand in spite of my efforts. We are concerned with identifying items that have more age, value and integrity so that they can be properly handled, whether it be sold, treasured or used in our daily life. Today this piece is the mystery. I graciously accept any feedback. If the item is of interest, I would gladly reciprocate shared knowledge with fair wholesale prices- this has always been the way my dad did things.

Kindest Regards,

William Spencer MBA

Link :Antique Chinese Spinach Jade Censor

Subject:Re: Chinese Jade Censor w/dragon
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Sun, Sep 15, 2019

According to the supplied photos, I have to disappoint you. This item has been artificially aged.

Subject:Re: Chinese Jade Censor w/dragon
Posted By: William Sun, Sep 15, 2019

Thank you Ernest. We are of course a bit disappointed, but I also had suspicions. These things are long since forgotten so there is no real loss involved.

Kind Regards,

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