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Subject:Painting watercolor old chinese
Posted By: Rhonny Glaser Fri, Aug 30, 2019 IP:

I have tried to find out who painted this beautiful painting. I was told by a few people that its old chinese so they could not read it, and an art dealer said he doesnt recognize the artist. Does that mean he couldnt read it? I hope Im not posting against rules. If someone could refer me somewhere? Please. Thank you

Subject:Re: Painting watercolor old chinese
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Sep 01, 2019

心斎主 - Xinzhai-zhu - (Master of Heart Study) -Pseudonym
Upper seal (I am not sure with the reading of the second character)
越蔚鎬印 - Seal of Yue Weihao
(Yue is a typical Vietnamese surname, reads Viet. In this case the whole name reads in Vietnamese: Viet Úycao)
Lower seal,
心斎 - Xinzhai (Heart Study)
It cannot be ruled out that this is a Vietnamese artist.

With regards,

With regards,
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