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Posted By: STEVE Fri, Jul 19, 2019 IP: 2603:9000:810c:ae2d:

I purchased this weird Drawing
It is 8x13 inches
It appears to be Strange combination of People
Any info on it will be very helpful

Subject:Re: DRAWING
Posted By: ikeoz Sun, Jul 21, 2019

Fantastic! The three vinegar tasters - Confucius, Buddha and Laozi.

Look up the story for yourself and appreciate the great little painting you have.

Subject:Re: DRAWING
Posted By: Botan Sun, Jul 21, 2019


Is it an original or a reproduction?

The signature says Gai-Kyo-Jin, this is Sengai's pen name.

Search "Sengai" on Wiki.

Subject:Re: DRAWING
Posted By: steve Sun, Jul 21, 2019

thank you so much
that was really interesting & informative
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